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1. Which of the following program(s) are you involved with? (Please select ALL that apply.)

Before & After School

Day Nursery

Dubreuilville Nursery School

English Nursery School


French Nursery School

Home Early Learning and Care

Hornepayne Family Resource Centre

Best Start Hub

School Readiness

Summer Fun Program

Toddler Program


2. How did you hear about Superior Children's Centre?

Recommended by someone.

Media or advertising



3. Was your first contact with Superior Children's Centre friendly, professional and informative?

Yes No


4. Do our programs satisfy your needs?

Always Usually Rarely Never


5. How could we improve our service to you?

Longer Opening Hours

More or Different Locations

More Parent Involvement

Better Staff/Parent Communication

Parent Nights

More Parenting Workshops

More Children's Activities

Better Resources i.e. books, videos, toys etc.



6. How would you describe the atmosphere at Superior Children's Centre?

Relaxed and Friendly

Well Organized





7. How would you describe the communication you have with our staff?

Excellent Very Good Good Poor


8. Is nutrition promoted in the program(s) you are involved with?

Often Sometimes Never


9. How much financial value do you attach to a good quality Early Learning and Care program?

$10-$20 per day per child

$20-$30 per day per child

$30-$40 per day per child

More than $40 per day per child


10. Do you feel that our programs protect your child's health?

Often Sometimes Never


11. Do our programs meet your educational and family support expectations?

Some All None


12. Would you recommend our programs to your friends and family?

Some All None


13. Is transportation to and from our programs difficult for you and your family?

Often Sometimes Never


14. If you would like to make some additional comments, please use the space below:

15. If you would like to include your name and contact information so that we can send you periodic mailouts, please complete the fields below:
Postal Code:




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